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Organic in Kuwait. In this blog I document my journey in trying to live a healthier lifestyle in Kuwait. Whether it is finding ORGANIC PRODUCTS, non-processed and pesticide-free food, or simply living green, I try to keep my healthy life style as it has been when I was living in the United States, now with less variety of organic products.
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2 thoughts on “Hello world =)

  1. Latifah

    It’s such a relief finding this website, I’m interested in finding local farmers crops, so worried about the GMO Vegetables and fruits, I’m Kuwaiti and proud to know another Kuwaiti girl who’s into healthy life style and is productive about it.

    1. organickw Post author

      I am happy to help 🙂 Fortunately, more organic stores are popping up around Kuwait. I hope that my website will help lead and support many others along their journey to a healthy lifestyle too ❤


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