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Assalamu alaikum ..

I am a Kuwaiti girl. I happened to have plenty of time on my hands when I first came to the United States to join my husband while he was working towards his graduate degree . In that time period, I started observing the world around me and the health issues facing the modern populations. I found myself interested in food, health, and natural lifestyle. I began by comparing disease rates between the past two generations. I was shocked by the horrible jump in deaths related to health diseases. I started watching food documentaries and searching more about our food system.

Within the next two years, I was able to gain enough knowledge to convince me that I need to change my perspective towards food and the healthy alternatives available to me!

I became passionate about the environment, organic food, and organic beauty and cleaning supplies.

I believe there is a lot more for me to learn. I am taking one small step at a time and I will be forever changing depending on the updated knowledge I gain each day.

I adjusted to this life style here in the USA, but faced the reality when I went back to Kuwait for 3 months! I realized how inconvenient it is to apply this life style in Kuwait because of the lack of information online about organic products in Kuwait. I searched tirelessly for locations that sell a variety of organic products for reasonable price but I had little luck.

I thought that if I can journal this transition, it may be beneficial for everybody else who is interested in the same things. And it will be easier for them to find organic products in Kuwait instead of being dependent on ordering these things online from other countries.

I will try my best to provide the information needed to the interested Kuwaiti residents , and I hope the demand gets bigger and bigger, triggering more local organic products to be found easily =)


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    1. organickw Post author

      Thank you so much for your support ❤
      The very first picture on the top was actually taken near Orlando, Florida ( where I used to live ) .The second picture is of my home town – Kuwait ❤❤


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